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In Praise of the Healing Arts

This window, dedicated to the ministry of healing, is an expression of man's reliance upon faith in God and God's creativity to assist him in the comforting and healing of the ill.

The dove of the Holy Spirit glows white and pearly gray near the top of the window. Around the symbol and coming from it is a cleansing, merciful rain. This suggests spiritual healing emanating from God. The symbol on the left combines the serpents of the caduceus (ancient symbol of medicine) with a test tube, indicating man's resources to heal. The symbol on the right is composed of a cross lifted above the world.

Epoxy (new at the time) forms the matrix for glass that is chipped or faceted to produce a jewel-like quality. The principle of halation, or the spread of light over surrounding dark areas, known to the medieval stained glass craftsman, increases the sense of pure color and light.

Richard Cattell was born in a Quaker home in Ohio, graduated from Mt. Union College and Harvard Medical School, practiced medicine in New England, and was director of the world-famous Lahey Clinic for the last ten years of his professional life. He joined Second Church in 1937 and remained an active and devoted member, serving as a deacon until his death.

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Designer: Willett Stained Glass Studio (Philadelphia)
Dedication Date:1968
Donors: In Memory of Richard Cattell, given by his family
Location: South transept

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