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By Works Was Faith Made Perfect
The Fales Memorial Window

The text for this window is "By works was faith made perfect" (James 2:22). This text appears in the open Bible that occupies the medallion at the base of the central panel. The sacrament of holy communion is the central theme.

Christ appears above the altar in the central panel. He is holding the chalice for the consecrated wine in His right hand and the wafer of unleavened bread in His left. The front of the altar shows a phoenix rising out of the flames. According to ancient legend, the phoenix rises into new life from the ashes created by its burning. Therefore, the phoenix has been the traditional symbol of the resurrection and immortality.

Each of the side panels contains a group of kneeling communicants. The medallion at the base of the left panel is a representation of Christ delivering the sermon on the mount. The medallion at the base of the right panel is a portrayal of the Good Shepherd leading His flock. 

Growing vines containing grapes appear throughout the window symbolizing the relationship between Christ and His followers. ("I am the vine; ye are the branches" -- John 15:5). In addition, the wheat motif ("I am the bread of life" -- John 6:35) further emphasizes the communion theme.

The "Connick" blue dominates the window. Blue is symbolic of contemplation, divine wisdom, enduring loyalty, and eternity.

Mr. and Mrs. Fales were faithful servants of Second Church. For many year, Mrs. Fales was a member of the Altar Guild. She had a special interest in the preparation for the celebration of holy communion.

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Designer: Charles J. Connick Associates
Dedication Date:1949
Donors: In memory of Mr. and Mrs. (Louveen) Herbert E. Fales. Given by their children.
Location: North transept, Fuller Chapel

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