Henry Wynd-Young of New York designed three windows that were in place for the 1916 dedication of the building.

The Fuller Chapel Window

The window over the Altar of the Fuller Chapel was give by J. Franklin Fuller in memory of his wife.   It’s four panels depict the the Angel of Annunciation (Gabriel) bringing news of the coming of the Lord to the Virgin and the Angel of Consolation (Rapheal)  bringing comfort to the Mater Dolorosa (Mother of Sorrows).   

“the Gift of God is Eternal (Romans 6:23) is inscribed across the bottom of the window.

The overall silvery effect of the window is reminiscent of fifteenth century glass.  The various tints of white create the icy effect and are an example of Young’s trademark subtle palette.  There are no straight lines, reminding us that this window is truly handmade.

The glass was imported from England.  The rich texture of the pinks and purples came from the gold dust that was mixed with the pigment in the molten glass.


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